Places to Shop

City Of SurfSide Marketplace.  Do have questions?  Come on over to the marketplace and book surfing lessons, deep see fishing, find a local fishing guide, rent a jet ski, check into kid activies, etc.. resort services will help you get connected to approved vendors and recommended places to shop while staying in Surfside Beach.  Texas has the longest coast line and Surfside is a premier destination.

Perry’s Store

Convenience store open summers and holidays. This is the closed thing to a grocery store in Surfside and just lends more to our quiet island vibe with friendly locals.

Bluewater Highway, Surfside Beach TX 77541

Customer Review: Wow, they have a lot of stuff in a small space.  It is not a full hardware store but has some useful things.

Bingo Boards

Bingo Surf Boards, Accessories and Clothing

18 Fort Velasco, Surfside Beach TX 77541

Customer Review:  WORST Experience Ever.   Bought shoes for my kid and there was a problem, we went back to Bingos store only 10 minutes after purchasing them to exchange them and Bingo the business owner was SUPER RUDE.  He said you walk out the door and what ever you bought is yours.  No exchanges or refunds.   He began preaching at us with such arrogance it was amazing.  It was not our fault the shoes had a problem and any reputable store would have quickly exchanged them.
I told a friend about our problem and he said someone should pray for Bingo.    STAY AWAY FROM BINGO SURF SHOP!

Breaker Sports

Accessories, Clothing, Souvenirs, Surfboard and Boogie Board rentals and sales.  Go say hi to Larry Davison the owner.

Located at the corner of 332 and Fort Velasco across from the Valero. 9 7 9 – 2 3 3 – 8 3 0 8

Customer Review:  Quiet family friendly, I liked it.

Surfside Liquor

Full Service liquor Store

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